2017 Toyota Corolla ZR Review Behind the Controls

2017 Toyota Corolla ZR Review

2017 Toyota Corolla ZR Hatch road just be sure you review…

After sampling the base-model Toyota Corolla Ascent sedan last week it had become good to do a back-to-back highway test of the Corolla hatch-out.

This time though it appeared to be up the other end on the 2017 Toyota Corolla spectrum – the ZR.

Prices here start from $30,020 for the hatch, add an extra $1,700 for the sedan.

Under the bonnet you get the same 103kW/173Nm 1.8 liter petrol engine and also the ZR, which seems to be packaged as the ‘sporty’ Corolla, only has the CVT auto.

So, essentially the same driving performance/feel as the Incline, though the wheels in addition to tyres are different understanding that gives both an attractive and negative result.

2017 Toyota Corolla ZR ReviewGoing from the base-model’s 15″/65 line tyres to the ZR’verts 45 series car tyres on 17″ alloy trolley wheels you get a sharper guiding feel but a good noticeably firmer/less forgiving drive.

Which is better? Well that very much comes down to a personalized choice.

It’s wonderful to see Toyota try and plough a bit of spirit along with fun into the Corolla and also the end result in the ZR commonly works.

The styling of the present series Corolla fits nicely with the ZR’s sill in addition to bumper flares, together with those aforementioned combination wheels.

The performance despite the fact that, especially with the CVT, is just adequate and left me wanting extra.

When pushed the website also gets a touch harsh and deafening and really is no longer rolling around in its comfort zone.

Compared to the interestingly roomy sedan, the Corolla hatch comes up short (literally!).

It’s appreciably shorter (290mm) and has your wheelbase that is 100mm shorter in comparison to the sedan and this is seriously seen in the rear legroom and cargo room or space.

While perhaps the only seriously noticeable differences involving the Ascent-grade and the ZR were the weather controls (I prefer the standard dial type located in the base-model), the inclusion for sat-nav and leather seats.

You also get heated front side seats in the ZR and key in pocket core locking/push-button ignition.

While another variance the sedan along with the hatch variants in the 2017 Toyota Corolla is their origins – any hatch is built around Japan, the 4 door comes out of Thailand.

One element both vehicles promote is the same infotainment system.

Again, I’t not a big fan on the lack of a quantity control knob as well as concerned that some Corolla buyers will be a lot less than enthusiastic about the ‘neo tactile’ feel of the deal with buttons around the screen (including volume command arrows).

Summing it up; there’s an excellent great deal of difference between the sedan that I subjected to testing and this top-spec hatch the driving and ‘dwelling with’ aspects of the Toyota minor car.

Both are easy to push, nicely put together and also unoffensive in every way.

I choose the Corolla sedan for the supplemental legroom and products space and experienced that the small wheels/higher sidewall old tyres provided a more pleasant ride and commute.

A note here for Toyota – Generally if i were to opt for a ‘sporty’ Corolla much like the ZR I would like a manual transmission, at least as an option.

However, with a five-star ANCAP safety rating across the range, Toyota trustworthiness and backing as well as good fuel economy, again I can’t certainly give you any good good reason not to have a Corolla with your small car test-drive collection.

2017 Toyota Corolla ZR ReviewNUTS and BOLTS – 2017 Toyota Corolla ZR hatchback

Engine: An individual.8 litre gas producing 103kW/173Nm

Transmission: SCVT auto

Safety: Five stars

Warranty: 3yrs/100,000km


Price: with $30,020

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