The legendary McLaren Forumla1 gets a successor soon after 17 years

Words by Yash Sunil

The British formula 1 racing champions, McLaren Vehicle is now working on a completely new Hypercar, which carries ahead DNA from the popular F1. Codenamed the BP23 (Personalised Project 2), the automobile is being developed by this McLaren Special Operations (MSO)

The MSO may be a special department of which caters to unique people commissions. They are also special at servicing plus upgrading McLarens including the Formula 1 and were crucial in creating the P1 GTR programme. MSO are usually responsible in making one-offs for special people like the McLaren X-1 for an undisclosed prospect in 2012.

McLaren confirmed that the BP23 will be a three seater, including the glorious F1 and you will be a combination of the easiness and comfort of the F1 and the brutality and aggressiveness with the P1. Like the P1 the concept will receive a Hybrid powertrain but McLaren haven

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