2017 Ford Focus Titanium Evaluation Behind the Wheel

2017 Ford Focus Titanium highway test and review

Its baffling which the Ford Focus isnt a more impressive seller amongst Australian consumers than it is for the cars performance and number of features.

The big some (Corolla, i30, Mazda3) topped the sales and profits figures for 2016 as always but the Focus arrived way down the list even behind brands like the Holden Cruze and Mitsubishi Lancer.

Under analysis is the range a lot of women Ford Focus Titanium hatchback which pertaining to $32,690 comes with:

  • An 8 touch screen utilizing Ford SYNC About three, sat nav, DAB+, Apple CarPlay/Andriod Auto
  • Adaptive luxury cruise control and rate limiter
  • Park assist and automatic start/stop
  • Safety aids – lane flying, blind spot discovery, rear cross website traffic alert
  • Dual climate control
  • Auto wipers and headlights, DRLs, washers
  • Front and rear alarms, rear view camera
  • Leather trim seats with powered drivers seat
  • Andsmart keyless entry, push key ignition

2017 Ford Focus Titanium ReviewAs you can see the top spec Titanium is a comprehensive bundle topped off with a good drive.

An entirely different kettle of use the Ford Concentrate RS we investigated recently, the Focus Titanium will be of course more comfortable compared to hard suspension within the sporty model and even though not untamed is still quite lively.

Most cars now have a sport mode option anyway for that tiny bit more oomph.

For a 1 hour.5L turbocharged petrol engine this Ford Focus did consume 10L/100km which is beyond estimated.

Its one of those automobiles that is easy to force with light directing, compliant suspension and also appropriate driver assistance technology.

The cabin might the refinement in the other top models these days but it is not old, though the angular dash which will juts out really far may not interest everyone.

2017 Ford Focus Titanium ReviewAs a new parent or guardian, the one thing I discovered it doesnt have can be ISOFIX anchors which is stunning given the amount of different inclusions and how common they are nowadays.

A very few other curiosities worth noting include the cabin light switch mounted above the drivers venture and the double deals with on the inside of the footwear making it much more convenient anytime closing.

So all round a sufficient offering for the small car buyer with all the average person would need and therefore should be receiving a lot more attention.

NUTS and BOLTS 2017 Ford Focus Titanium

Engine: One particular.5L turbo petrol providing 132kW and 240Nm

Transmission: Six-speed automatic

Warranty: 3 Year/100,000km

Safety: Several Stars

Origin: Thailand

Price: From $32,690

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