Wagon R

Words by Yash Sunil

Maruti Suzuki has introduced another variant of the Chariot R called the Felicity. This specific limited edition variant might be sold alongside the opposite variants available in a Wagon-R range.

The Wagon S Felicity will be sold in a couple of variants C Lxi, Vxi and Vxi AMT, and costs range from Rs 5.40 lakh to Players 5.37 lakh. A Vxi Felicity comes with a rear spoiler, brand new body graphics while in the exterior and a different steering cover as well as PU seats, invert parking sensors by using display and a double-din Bluetooth system. All this excess kit costs concerning Rs 27,Thousand more in the Lxi and Rs 18,1,000 more in the Vxi AMT.

S. Kalsi, Exec Director Marketing & Sales and profits, Maruti Suzuki India Limited stated at the launch that, the Wagon R is probably the most successful car brand names ever in Of india. It has been among Indias five best selling cars for the last five years in a row. People wanted to celebrate vehicles by creating an item distinct and particular, which is fresh and feature rich.

The Wagon 3rd thererrrs r comes with the smooth along with efficient K-series 1-litre 3-cylinder petrol serp that makes 67.5bhp of power and 90Nm associated with torque. Its a nice cold hatchback for the city yet feels a bit lengthy in the tooth compared to modern hatchbacks like the Renault Kwid.

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