Mercedes-Benz's Luxe Drive affair held in Pune

Photography by Vishnu G. Haarinath

Mercedes-Benz Luxe Drive’utes Pune edition was held during the last weekend in Magarpatta Area. The event mainly allows for potential customers to experience a German carmaker’s full line-up all under one roof, as well as being being held all through the year in various metros across the country.

The Pune release was host to help Maria Goretti, the Master chef’s, along with Gauri Khan designs’ exclusive retail store. With this event, Mercedes-Benz means to allow the customers to grasp the lifestyle and class of the brand, thus adding to it’s value. All the company were treated with a series of short drives, inclusive of the complete line-up. The overall SUV range was initially put through a series of limitations such as a 45-degree hill clamber and a 35-degree ramp that allows for a maximum travel angle. Then there were a slalom course, which allowed the customers to drive a car that belongs to them choice, which includes brands like A-class, CLA and GLA. The final driving event was a safety tryout, in which, expert car owners demonstrate the benefits of Especially and ABS on Mercedes-Benz cars, by having the passengers by way of a series of breath taking 360-degree revolves.

Along with the driving working experience, customers could also be a part of delicacies prepared by the actual celebrity chef, Helen Goretti or try out public Mercedes-Benz merchandise, at the affair. There was also some sort of on-the-spot evaluation program set in place that allowed for immediate exchange offers on used cars, finding the best deal available to consumers.

The Luxe Drive is a compilation of events that is becoming held since March and has already been a millionaire in over 12 cities, so far. The following event is timetabled to happen at Indore about 3 & 4 12 ,.

This is a great initiative simply by Mercedes-Benz to connect with prospects in class-B and C towns. The Pune function that we attended would be a massive hit, when we could see humongous degree of crowds flocking in to get a taste within the Mercs.

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