The Shipment Volume of Advanced Batteries As a result of 3Q 2016 Equates to More Than 323M Power supply Cells and Virtually $4B in Sales

A new report with Navigant Research tracks innovations and trends while in the advanced batteries marketplace across the automotive and also stationary energy storage area segments from deliveries through 3Q 2016, including electrical power capacity (MWh), power volume (MW), cells shipped, and revenue, across world regions.

Through 3Q 2016, demand for power packs as an alternative means to strength electric vehicles (EVs) plus support grid supervision systems showed stable growth and is escalating globally due to the increase of plug-in EVs (PEVs) and stationary grid-tied energy storage systems (ESSs). Lithium ion (Li-ion) remains the primary chemical make up for light responsibility automotive applications, although stationary energy storage devices sector has a even more diverse chemistry gardening with technologies starting from sodium sulfur and flow batteries to state-of-the-art lead-acid and hybrid chemistries.

According towards Navigant report, the delivery volume of advanced battery packs through 3Q 2016 equates to over 323.5 million individual battery cells plus $3.8 billion within sales.

Markets for both EV batteries and stationary electricity storage are transitioning from heavily financed, pilot program-based industries for you to more economically feasible systems as the confluence associated with regulatory policy, technological capabilities, and company models continue to commute interest forward, suggests Ian McClenny, research associate with Navigant Homework. This transition is expected to see continued lower superior battery pricing as well as maturing energy hard drive technology and shipping and delivery chains, leading to a wholesome and more economically secure energy storage marketplace.

The introduction of mass-market power supply EVs with ranges of 150 to 200-plus a long way has significant significance for the PEV market together with EV service providers that supply the particular electricity to the automobiles, according to the report. Meanwhile, in the stationary storage devices market, advances inside resiliency and better power quality are very important drivers for vigor storage customers throughout all sectors.

The survey, Advanced Battery Monitor 4Q16, identifies developments along with trends in the advanced batteries market by way of tracking the deliveries of batteries globally through 3Q 2016. The Tracking focuses on new market place activity and market share analysis for the important application segments this utilize advanced electric battery: automotive and fixed energy storage. Complete documentation is provided intended for energy capacity (MWh), power capacity (MW), cells supplied, and revenue intended for advanced batteries across all global parts and across multiple technologies.

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